May Favourites!

As it is very nearly the end of may (almost June!) we decided to show you our bundle of may favourites! There’s been so much we’ve enjoyed using this may but for this blog post we’ve squished it down to 15 things, enjoy reading!

1. The first, and probably most favourite of our favourites (if that makes sense?) is Costa! doesn’t everyone LOVE Costa? We go to Costa at least once a week, sometimes twice and sit there chatting for about 2 hours.


2. This May we have been OBSESSED with the Kim Kardashian game, good news is its free on the app store, bad news – sooo addictive!

3. Our favourite social network app this month has been Twitter, Check out our twitter Sarah_and_Ellie (shameless self promotion right there).

4. Now its coming into the summer months a definite favourite is colourful nail polish! this may we’ve especially been loving the O.P.I Nail Lacquer especially the white one.

nail varnish

5. Something that adds Loads of bling to any outfit is definitely rings, an accessory we’ve been loving. We like to buy our rings from Topshop and New look as they do really nice inexpensive rings in a range of sizes!


6. The best way to start your morning is with a yummy, healthy smoothie and lately we’ve been having smoothies every morning! So smoothies HAD to be in our favourites, there’s so many different smoothies and you can experiment with loads of different fruit and veg to put in your delicious smoothie! We use the breville blend active smoothie maker, its really easy to use and minimises washing up as you make it in the bottle!


7. In skincare our favourite facial wash has to be the Clinique anti-blemish solution cleansing gel, we found this improved our skin SO much and we noticed a big difference in our skin on the first day of using it! We definitely recommend you try this out as it is very affordable and gives great results.

clinique anti blemish solution

8. Our most used (and loved!) shop this may has been accessorize, this shop is perfect for summer as its so fun and colourful. Accessorize does a huge selection of nice, good quality bags and loads of bikinis and beachwear things. We love accessorize and have got the majority of our summer accessories from here!


9. On the more unhealthy side of things our food favourite is pizza. what can you really say about pizza other then YUMMM! It doesn’t matter where the pizzas from (although dominoes is the best!) you can’t go wrong with pizza.


10. A make-up staple this may has been the Elizabeth Arden mascara, This mascara is truly AMAZING, it makes your lashes look twice as long without making them look spidery, I never get clumps when I use it and it gives you the effect of falsies with half the hassle!

elizabeth arden mascara

11. In preparation for the summer weather we have bought some Triangl bikinis, these bikinis are just so bright and colourful, what’s not to love?


12. for our Haircare favourite we like the Toni&Guy range, firstly they smell SOOO good and they make your hair feel really nice when you use them, now its nearly summer we’ve been enjoying using the Toni&Guy sea salt spray!


13. Another hair favourite has been dry shampoo, any brand (as long as it works). Dry shampoo is a life saver when it comes to your hair and this month we have definitely used it a lot!


14. We have listened to Taylor Swift LOADS this month, Especially Blank space, love that song! We are also Obsessed with her style (is there anything wrong with her?).


15. lastly, but not least LUSH! one of the most exciting parts of my week is relaxing in the bath with a lush bath bomb – heaven. in the picture are the bath bombs left over from the Christmas limited edition range, the golden present explodes in the bath with lots of golden sparkles and smells amazing (but then so do all of them).


That’s it, our May favourites, hope you enjoyed reading that. what are your may faves?

Tweet us about it @Sarah_and_Ellie xx


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