Summer bucket list!

Seeing as it is officially summer on the 21st June (soon!) we have decided to make a bucket list of 25 things we want to have done by the end of summer.

Get a tan (duh)
Swim in the sea
Take lots of photos
Go out with friends LOTS
Find the perfect bikini ❤
Go out in a crop top and shorts and not get cold!
Workout in the sun
Make lots of yummy summer snacks
Roast marshmallows
Try something we’ve never tried before
Do yoga in the garden
Have a water fight
Make a blanket fort
Build a sandcastle
Have a barbecue
Make homemade ice cream
Go to a waterpark
Go on a rope-swing over a lake/river
Have a picnic
Make a daisy chain
Camp in the garden for a night!
Stay up all night
Watch the sunset
Watch the sunrise
Laugh so hard we cry!

There you go our Summer Bucket list, hope you enjoyed reading this and it gave you some inspiration! what would you like to do this summer?


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