Healthy green smoothie!

Recently we’ve been trying to start our mornings healthily and a quick healthy morning breakfast we’ve been loving is smoothies! we’ve been trying all kinds of different fruit and veg and found this recipe that we really like. we hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as us and tell us if you have any smoothie recipes you love.

1 orange
1 sliced peach
1 handful of spinach
coconut milk (as much as you want)
coconut oil (optional)

For the blender we use the breville blend active smoothie maker – it is so easy and creates minimum mess as you can drink the smoothie straight out of the container you blend it in.


1. first you need to add the spinach and the coconut milk (how much coconut milk you add depends on how liquidy you want the smoothie) and blend it until its smooth.


2. now add the sliced peach and the orange (if you don’t like orange then you can swap it for something like mango) – we skinned the peach so that there wasn’t bits in the smoothie. Also if you want to add coconut oil then you can do that now (solid or liquid is fine)


3. blend it all up and you have a delicious green smoothie (we split it into 2 small smoothies)

We hope you enjoyed reading this recipe and maybe try it out sometime!

Tweet us about it @Sarah_and_Ellie xx


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