How to be ready for summer

1. When the warm weather starts to come in you want to know that you will look summery and stylish for the it so what I suggest is to go through all of your clothes and get your summer clothing ( go out and buy some if needed) and put it nearest to where you going to grab it from so you don’t have to go digging.

2. Makes sure you have all of your shaving equipmeant ready! A lot of the summer clothing is shorts, skirts etc so if your are wearing something that is showing your legs or armpits you might want to just eliminate the hair and get that silky smooth feeling. So make sure you have a good razer, waxing product, hair removal cream or what ever you use ready and in tip top condition because your most likely going to be using it alot!

3. If your going to be using makeup during the summer using a BB cream is always a must have because it does all of the thing a foundation does and more without that clogged up feeling on your face because it’s so light weight on your skin. If you want to brighten up your face a good concealer you can use is the Rimmal London wake me up concealer which brightens up around your eyes to give you that glowing effect, you can always use the foundation to go with it the Rimmal London wake me up foundation to give you that extra Dewy glow!

4. Since you won’t be using as much makeup in the summer you want your skin to be the best that it can so to achieve that you will need a good skincare rountine. If your going to be getting sweaty a lot during the hot weather a good pore cleansing facewash is extremely helpful and to go with that just using a normal cleansing facewash to get rid of the dirt that has been on your face during the day, a toner and moisturiser is always a must have, especially in the summer because even though you don’t think your skin is dry from all of the sweat and water etc your face needs that nourishing moisture to suck in to keep it healthy and clean! Also my number one top for all year round especially summer is to DRINK WATER!

We hope you know what to prepare for when the summer really hits! Bye❤️


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