Dealing with anxiety and depression

Dealing with anxiety and depression is very hard and we have both been through are fair share of both, anxiety and depression can be triggered by different things for different people for example anxiety can be caused because someone is over worrying and thinking and depression can be triggered by something that has happened that has been upsetting or something difficult in your but neither one has to be triggered by anything it can just come from out of the blue.

Coping with anxiety and depression is the only thing you can do when you have either but different people cope with it differently,

1. Having family and friends who can support you is one of the best ways of dealing with anxiety and depression and always having someone to talk to like a counsellor or friend or just someone who you trust.

2. Also doing exercise is a really good way to keep your mind off of thinking about thing that you don’t want to think about. If you haven’t done any exercising lately start of gently walking 20 minutes a day and then start gradually doing more (if do like exercising check out our summer body workout routine)

3. Always make sure you have time for yourself and do what you find relaxing like reading, meditating or taking a relaxing bath.

4. Make sure your getting enough sleep on a daily basis, if you have trouble getting to sleep make sure you go to bed earlier and turn all you electronics to prevent you from getting distracted from sleeping.

5. Make sure that you know everything there is to know about anxiety and depression to help you understand what is wrong with and why its happening and what you can do.

We hope this has hopefully helped some of you in any sort or way and that you can find it useful bye!xx


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