Top 5 beauty essentials!

Today we are writing about our top 5 beauty essentials that we couldn’t live without!

1. Dry shampoo ( its AMAZING!!)



2. Mascara (makes your eyes stand out and looking exciting!)


3. Concealer to hide the red spots and dark circles

4. Deodorant/ body spray because everyone wants smell lovely and sweet


5. Hairband! We bring hairbands wherever we go because you never know when you will need one, also heres a little tip for you: if you have longer hair tie it up before you go to sleep to prevent spots and clogged up pores because your hair has all natural oils in it so if your hair goes on your face while sleeping your pores will clog up and become dirty.

Hope you enjoyed our little blog post sorry it was a bit short but anyways and we hope you have had or will have a lovely day!!

Tweet us about it @Sarah_and_Ellie xx


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