10 things to do this summer holidays!

Hey! it is the SUMMER HOLIDAYS! We now have 6 weeks off school! to make sure we make the most of the holidays we have put together a list of 10 things to do this summer:

1. Do some outside exercise – in the garden, on the beach, wherever! get outside and de-stress by doing some yoga or try a xhitt workout on youtube.

summer workout

2. Make lots of cool summery snacks/drinks – look up on google/pinterest ‘summer snacks’ or ‘summer drinks’ and so many yummy-looking snacks/ drinks come up that you’ll have to make all of them, you could even invite your friends over to make them to! Then you can eat them (my favourite part).

summer drinks

3. Make a summer spotify playlist – isn’t a huge part of summer the music? put together a playlist with all your fave songs to listen to throughout the summer!

summer playlist

4. Get DIY inspiration – go on youtube/google and check out all the really cool DIY ideas! you could make giant jenga, beach bag, clothes anything is DIYable. Bethany Mota & Meredith foster (on youtube) have some great ideas.

DIY beach bags

5. Have a spa day/night – this is a great thing to do either by yourself or with friends! you could do face masks, paint your nails, have manicures and so much more.


6. Go on a walk/ hike – There are so many places for a great picture perfect walk, go with friends/family, take a picnic, walking doesn’t have to be boring!


7. Take photographs – if you own a photography camera, polaroid camera or even a phone then use it! go somewhere with nice views, take some food and snap away!

taking photographs

8. Read some books – reading is the perfect way to relax on the beach or in the sun! some good books to try are: the fault in our stars
paper towns
all the bright places


9. Go summer shopping – buy clothes, shoes, bikinis! just spend all your money because its SUMMER!


10. Go Camping – this is one of my favourite things to do in summer, even if its in the back garden camping is always fun! so call your friends over or get your sister to camp with you! you could have snack, tell ghost stories and it will be great.


thanks for reading! hope this gives you some ideas in case you get bored,
and tweet us @Sarah_and_Ellie bye! xx


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  1. La.Sofiaa says:

    love the list! 🙂


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