Our travel make up bag! ☀️

It is holiday time! Right now the majority of people are going somewhere for the holidays – whether it’s to another country or within your own country. Hope you enjoy x

1. the makeup bag!                                                                                                                                         This is the golden Estée Lauder makeup bag, it is quite small but still big enough to fit all the makeup I need to travel in it. I bought this from boots in December.


2. First things first – primer!
This is the maybelline New York baby skin primer – £7.99 from boots or SuperDrug. It doesn’t have any coverage and for me it doesn’t erase any pores but I do find that my makeup lasts a lot longer when I use it and is applied easier. It’s also very handy for holidays as its small and is not in a breakable case.


3. Clarins true radiance foundation
Debenhams – £27.50
I take this foundation for days when I want more coverage and a more overall flawless look. I love this foundation, it is very matte, super easy to apply and looks so good when it’s on!


4. RImmel London match perfection
Boots – £10
I take this foundation when I want coverage but not too much. It’s a very light natural looking foundation.


5. Maybelline New York super stay 24 hr powder
Boots/SuperDrug – £7.99
I absolutely LOVE this powder, it keeps your makeup on all day, is super mattifying and has really good coverage so if I’m having a bad skin day I can just wear this! It is a must in all my makeup bags.


6. Rimmel London wake me up concealer
Boots/SuperDrug – £5.99
The wake me up concealer is really light and brightening, it is really small and convenient to travel with and works on both under eyes and blemishes.


7. Clarins au natural eyeshadow pallet
Debenhams – £30
These eye shadows are really compact so are good to travel with and the colours are so nice and natural.


8. Loreal Paris true match powder
SuperDrug – £5.99
I take this to give me a bit of a bronzed look at the start of the holiday. And it is definitely a holiday essential.


9. Clarins blush
Debenhams -£30
Again this is very compact but has a range of different blushes. As you can see I’ll need to be buying a new one very soon!


10. Maybelline New York brow drama sculpting brush
SuperDrug – £6.99
This brow sculptor is so easy to use and looks very natural, which is just what you want on holiday! It is really good if your not to sure what to do with your eyebrows or are a bit younger (teens) as it is really quick and easy.


11. Avon brightening effects eyeliner
This small eyeliner is perfect for travelling as its so thin. It lasts ages and doesn’t smudge all over the top of your eyelid! It does nice smooth lines and I definitely recommend it.


12. Lipsticks
Estée Lauder gold lipstick
Soap and glory mother pucker lipgloss
Matte lipgloss
Elizabeth Arden plum lipstick
I love all of these lipsticks. I think the gold shimmery lipstick is the perfect colour for holidays and can last in the heat. The soap and glory lipgloss is good for keeping your lips moisturised and the matte lipstick/gloss stays on all day!! Lastly I feel the plum lipstick would be perfect for a night out!


13. Avon mega effects mascara
Avon – £10
This is the BEST mascara I have ever tried for the thick, long, non-clumpy falsie effect! It is great for travelling because it is tiny but so good!


Hope this gave you inspiration for you travel makeup bag! See you next Friday!

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