Exercise Motivation!

You know you should exercise but the TV is just way too appealing? Trust me, I know the feeling, when getting up just seems so… Uuuggghhh. That’s why I’ve put together a list of five things that motivate me to get my bum of the sofa and to the gym (or wherever you do your workout.)

1. Think about your reasons

Think about the reason.jpg

Exercise is good for you in so many different ways, it will help keep you healthy and toned as well as keeping your mind clear. If you are suffering from a mental illness, such as anxiety or depression then exercising regularly is a great way to deal with it. Stressed? Exercise! Any physical activity will release feel good endorphins giving you an ‘exercise high’ and making you feel happy!

2. Set REALISTIC goals.

Realictic goals

Get a notebook and write down five fitness goals, some should be relatively easy and some should be harder (but not unrealistic – make sure they are still acheivable.) Everytime you complete a goal, tick it and write a new one. This will give you motivation to reach your goals and the more goals you complete the more progress you will see!

3. Create a workout playlist!

Workout music

Make a playlist of your favourite motivational, upbeat, workout music. This should make exercising more exciting because you will be listening to your playlist, it will also make you push yourself harder whilst listening to it! I definetly recommend Spotify!
(Tip! To work harder during a workout without knowing it drink a cup of coffee or eat a banana half an hour before starting!)

4. Get a ‘body role model’

This is a photo or a person that you would classify has the ‘body’ of your dreams or a type of body you would aspire to have. You can look up ‘body inspiration’ or ‘body goals’ or have a favourite celebrity that you find their body motivates you to strive for your ‘perfect’ body.

5. Set a reward list!


If you’re goal is to lose weight then set rewards for certain amounts of weight lost. Or if your goal is to get fit then set rewards for certain workout achievements. Or maybe your goal is to eat healthily, so set rewards for a week without chocolate or something. Get it? I’m not sure if I explained that well but if you still don’t get it look up ‘fitness rewards sheet’ in Google and it will explain it.

I Hope you now have the motivation to get up and workout on the days where you really don’t want to. See ya soon! Tweet us @Sarah_and_Ellie xx

P.S If you are trying to loose weight or get toned etc please do it safely and healthy and achieve the body YOU want not what you think other people want to see.


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  1. Tifness says:

    I love your tips! and the little motivation board you created! so cute! best of luck on your fitness journey hun! all the best to you! :* I’m a fitness blogger on here too! xx http://www.tifness.com/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much! Means a lot xx


      1. Tifness says:

        you’re most welcome! you’re most welcome! 🙂 and oh btw I just made a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tifness check it out and tell me what you think! thank you! ❤ xx


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