10 ways to get in the christmas spirit!

1. Do some christmas baking! Im not gonna lie, i have been baking christmas cookies since October and i have a batch of gingerbread men cooling on the kitchen counter right now! The warm christmas scent that comes from baking christmas treats is just so… yum. They are also really good to just leave out on the table as a cute christmas snack and get the whole family excited for christmas!

2. Create a christmas playlist! We made a Spotify playlist a while ago now but have kept it private until very recently so we could release it for the start of December! i have been blasting it throughout the house whenever possible. Listening to christmas music is so great to lift your mood and get you dancing along to all your favourite songs.

3. Watch some christmas movies! It just doesn’t feel like christmas for me until i have watched my fave christmas movies! I don’t know why but, for me, christmas movies are just so much better then normal movies. If you are stuck on what movies to watch here are some of my ‘must watch’ christmas movies: -Love actually -The Grinch -Elf -The nightmare before christmas

4. Go to a christmas market! What better way to get yourself excited for christmas then to surround yourself by christmassy people/things? Christmas markets are such a fun day out with your friends/family and a great way to get in the christmassy mood.

5. Have a christmas sleepover! Watch Christmas movies, go christmas shopping, light up some christmas candles, dance to christmas music, wrap presents, make DIY christmas decorations, decorate the house, make christmas cards, play christmas games, do christmas quizzes… the list is endless! A christmas sleepover with friends is one of the best ways to get in the christmas spirit and have fun!

6. Go christmas shopping! Whether it’s to buy christmas presents or to buy yourself some christmas treats, christmas shopping is a really good way to get ready for christmas. I’m proud to say that i have bought all the christmas presents i needed to this year and am officially PREPARED!

7. Decorate! Decorate your house, decorate your your bedroom or even just your desk! A little bit of decoration will just remind you every time you see it that christmas is coming and keep you excited right up till christmas. one of my favourite things to do during the run up to christmas is do as many christmas DIYs as possible and then decorate the house from top to bottom with them! There are so many christmas DIY room decor videos on youtube that you have no end of cool ideas. If getting a bit creative and arty really isn’t your idea of fun then there’s loads of places, like The Range and and Homesense, where you can buy loads of really cute christmas decorations.
8. make some christmas cards! This is a more creative suggestion that is really fun and it really shows you’ve put time and effort into someones card.

9. Dress christmassy! Wear a christmas jumper, Paint your nails red and green or try a christmassy makeup look. Dressing christmassy is a great way to take the christmas spirit everywhere with you and spread the christmas cheer!

10. Volunteer/Donate to a charity! I think that it’s really important, all the time, but at christmas especially to remember the people less fortunate then you. volunteer your time or donate to a charity to make somebody else christmas special aswell.
I hope you guys are ready for christmas and enoyed this post! also make sure you check out our spotify christmas playlist, see you soon xxx


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