Christmas lush haul!


As you all probably know, lush is (in my opinion) one of the best shops ever! there is just something so satisfying about relaxing in a bath with a lush scent, a magazine and a cuppa tea. Things get even better at christmas when all things festive come out and you can crumble a christmassy bubble bar into your bath. The other day lush released their limited edition christmas range and i could not resist going in and buying myself a few deliciously scented treats.
1. Butterbear bath – £1.95
The Butterbear is made with cocoa butter so your bath feels really creamy and leaves your skin feeling supersoft. i absolutely love the rich, musky vanilla scent, its very relaxing and my skin always feels so nourished whenever i use this.

2. Golden wonder – £3.95

This is probably one of my favourite bath bombs that come out during the holiday, It has lime oils in it to create a fresh, fruity smell and is great to wake you up in the morning. This bath bomb is super glittery and leaves you sparkly for the rest of the day, which for me is a bonus, but if you can’t cope with too much glitter i would avoid this one. Tho outside has a golden glitter coating but the inside reveals a blue sparkly centre with lots of little golden stars. i would definitely recommend it!

3. Holly go lightly bubble bar – £4.99

This beautiful bubble bar shares its scent with hot toddy shower gel which has been one of my lush christmas staples for a while now but unfortunately they have not brought it out this year! so i made it my goal to find a product that smells just as good and i have officially found it! Holly GoLighlty has fragrance that, for me, is christmas in a bubble bar. With a combination of clove leaf oils, patchouli and cinnamon This product offers a wonderfully wintery, rich smell. When put in the bath it warms your body leaving you smelling good enough to eat. Again this is a shimmery bubble bar (so if you don’t like glitter i would stay away from this one!) and the inside crumbles away to colour your bath a vivid green.

4. The experimenter – £3.95

This stunning bath bomb produces an explosion of colour in your bath; it creates a swirl of pink, blue purple, white and gold. i must admit i was probably a bit too excited for this one too come out but i was definitely not let down by this beautiful product. The experimenter gives off quite a strong smelling, complex earthy and smoky aroma, which is not my favourite lush scent. It is not a limited edition christmas bath bomb but was brought out at the same time as the christmas products so i thought i would add it in as i was totally blown away by it. This product creates a rainbow in your bath and leaves a much more subtle scent on your skin then you would initially think.
5. stardust bath bomb – £2.95
While stardust is one of the smaller, more simplistic looking bath bombs, it does have a small surprise when you drop it in the bath. It Fizzes quite quickly, spewing out white foam that settles on the surfaces, as this is happening small colourful stars ebb out to add a bit of magic to the experience! It has a subtle vanilla scent and leaves your skin feeling super nourished and soft.

I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to like it if you want i part 2! i definitely do! what is your favourite christmas lush product?


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