Beauty/fashion inspiration mood board!

This blog post is going to be something we haven’t done before so i hope you enjoy it. Recently I’ve been really into looking at peoples outfit and makeup on Tumblr, The hunt, Instagram etc so i decided to make a ‘mood board’ to hopefully inspire some of you reading outfit wise or beauty wise. Let us know if you would like any different versions of these ‘mood boards’ like fashion for summer or something else. Also a quick side note all of what I’m saying is completely based off of my opinion and by no means do you have to go with anything I’m saying – you do you. So now that i have rambled on lets get started!

Fashion –


To start off with i’ll do fashion, i would say I’m very basic in my clothing; a good pair of black jeans, a plain t-shirt, jacket and some black shoes and I’m all good to go. I feel like with a very simple and basic outfit you can accessorise it well because then you can draw the attention to where you want people to look, for example wearing a bold pair of sunglasses whereas if you have a a lot going on in your outfit people won’t necessarily know what to focus on.

Makeup –


Now i’ll jump onto makeup, i personally am not very extravagent with my makeup on a daily basis because i go to school, i’ll just have my base makeup on and some mascara. On a weekend if i can be bothered i’ll put on some eyeshadow or some eyeliner depending on my mood, but i definetly think that like with the outfit choice a simple makeup look can still be very effective. Putting on some eyeliner with big long lashes with a strong brow and maybe a bold lip or even a nude lip would look amazing!

Nails –


To finish off i thought i would just add in nails for the hell of it. Since i still go secondary school (sadly) i can’t really do much to my nails that often so i like to just stare at picture of amazing nails and just be envious and hope that one day ill have nails like that! But i think nails show a lot about certain things like what season it is, for winter you could have a nice maroon colour or a gorgeous dark plum and for summer you could have a classic white or some nice pastel colours.

Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed this new type of blog post, and be sure to tell us what you think by talking to us on our twitter page @Sarah_and_Ellie. And once again these are all completely my opinions and please don’t feel that if your doing something i haven’t mentioned or have said that i don’t do that I’m saying you are wrong – this is the way i like to dress do my makeup etc. Bye!



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  1. Laurenod.x says:

    Great post, even with the fashion and make up mood boards mixed up 😜


    1. Thanks, I think I’ve sorted it out now 😂😜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Laurenod.x says:

        I’ve done it so many times ha


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