January favourites!


The first month of 2016 has come to an end… I have found Loads of new loves this month – most of them were Christmas presents (okay, all of them!) I have found so many things this January that I wanted to put in this but, because I don’t want it to be super long, I squished it down to my top 7 things!

1. Girl online on tour
I read this book in the last week of January, in fact I read it in one day! It was just soooo good! It is the sequel to girl online (which I also read in one day when it first came out!)

2. Ted baker lip balm
I think this is the one exception to all the other faves because it wasn’t a Christmas prezzie, it was given to me by my sister for my birthday in July (along with some other Ted Baker stuff). I’m pretty sure it was in a previous favourites back in the summer! It has made a reappearance because the weather in England throughout January has suddenly gotten VERY cold and wet, which means my lips have gotten very dry and cracked. This lip balm has been an absolute LIFE SAVER!

3. Lynx for her deodorant
This one’s kind of random and weird but I’m gonna go with it… I got this on Christmas Day in a set of two with some Lynx ‘for her’ body wash and I LOVE it! It is without a doubt the best deodorant I have ever used! I know deodorant is an odd one to add to my favourites but I thought It could save some of you a lot of trouble!

4. Paul Mitchell smooth super skinny serum.
To be honest I’m not really sure why this is called ‘super skinny’ serum, so far any of you know feel free to tell me in the comments! This serum is SO amazing, I am obsessed! In one of my previous favourites I had argon oil and this has kind of taken the place of the argon oil, although the Argan oil is a cheaper alternative to this. I just add one pump of the serum throughout my hair whilst it’s damp (more at the ends then the roots) and voila! I have seriously noticed such a difference in my hair when I use this. And It smells gorgeous too!

5. Soap and glory hand food
As I mentioned the weather here has gone from bad to worse this month and, with that, my lips have cracked, my hair gone frizzy and my hands have dried out! Soap and glory is one of my favorite brands and this month their ‘hand food’ has become a staple in my house, bag and life! Everywhere I go I have been using my hand ‘food’ constantly!

6. Olay age defying night cream
Now, it’s not that I’m worried about getting wrinkles and ageing at 14 (because I’m not) it’s just really really really good. My skin has become quite dry this month (another perk of bad weather) and this night cream has been my hero! I apply it every night before I go to bed and, when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels super moisturizer and amazing!

7. Nude nail polish
The picture is of a beige colour-show nail paint but the ‘favourite’ is actually just nude colour (although the colour-show one is my favourite as well). As I go to school beige/nude is a really great colour to wear because we aren’t aloud to paint our nails and this way it’s a bit more subtle and the teachers don’t notice! I absolutely love it when my nails are painted (although I hate painting them) and this month my nails have been solely beige!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, what did you love this month? I would love to hear in the comments!


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