October favourites!

October has whizzed by and i have enjoyed every minute! i have found lots of new loves this month and this is a selection of a few of my favourites!


Revlon black cherry lipstick

This Lipstick is super perfect for halloween as it is a dark – nearly black – purple and looks amazing when you put it on! It’s staying power isn’t the best but it goes on really easily and is a great colour for the colder months. It is definitely the best drug store lipstick i have tried in a while.
Avon supershock brow definer

i have just started using this brow definer again and i do not remember why i stopped in the first place! I got this product a while ago now and unfortunately avon have stopped selling it so if anyone knows where else to get it please tell me! it is very easy to use and really natural looking so it’s good for everyday looks.

lush pumpkin bubble bar

it’s official, I’m OBSESSED with lush! Especially when they bring out their christmas limited edition range! i found this pumpkin bubble bar the other week and it is already one of my Favourites, It smells just like warm autumn candles and lasts about 4 baths. heaven!

Estee Lauder nail lacquer – red ego

Estee lauder is one of my favourite brands and this month I have started using the Estee Lauder nail lacquer in the colour ‘red ego’. It’s SOO good! The lacquer goes on so nicely and lasts for a long time. The red is perfect for autumn and it lasts a long time for such a small bottle.

Argan oil.

My hair has benefited so much from argan oil this October; the change in weather has made my hair go dry in the past and argan oil has helped so much! the argan oil i use is ‘argan oil of morocco’ from boots, i have tried others but this is my favourite. i use it on dry or wet hair and can’t say how much i love it.

Elegant touch nails.

I can’t always be bothered to spend ages painting my nails and waiting for them to dry just to chip them the next day! All the false nails i have tried in the past have come off within a couple of days so i was so happy when i found that elegant touch actually stay on my nails for 1 -2 weeks easily! they are super quick to put on and the glue doesn’t get everywhere, i haven’t found a fault with these yet.

Did you have a good halloween? tell us your October faves in the comments!


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