Beauty/ fashion mood board 2!

Okay, as some of you may know if you read our blog frequently i put up a blog post up recently giving beauty and fashion inspiration with mood boards, and because it went down a storm and people seemed to enjoy it i decided to do a second part. Lets jump into it!

Accessories –


I think accessories are really important with an outfit, if you have a good outfit and good accessories, voila you look like you just walked out of a vogue magazine front cover. Like i said in the previous post while talking about fashion, you can use accessories to create a bold statement or you can tone it down slighty and use accessories to add a simple elegance to an outfit.

Hair –


Moving onto hair, whether you have long or short hair you can do plenty of different hairstyles depending on the type of hair you have. With both long or short hair if you don’t  have time or if your just too lazy to do your hair (ME) you can just chuck it up into a classic messy bun, or you can leave it au’natural and rock your natural hair. You can also add any colour of the rainbow to your hair to maybe add some excitement back into your hair if you get bored of it and want a change.

Body –


To end the last segment of this post we’ll finish on ‘body goals’ per say. Everyone each has a type of body in mind or end goal for their body they want to strive for, whether they actually do or not is up to them. I also think everyone have different definitions of the ‘perfect’ body based on different opinions, being happy and healthy is all that matters.

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed it! Lets us know if you would like a 3rd part to this and what you would like to see next if we do. check us out on twitter @Sarah_and_Ellie. Bye xx



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  1. ugh I am so obsessed with all of this!! You guys did great picking out inspiration.

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    1. Thankyou! We hope you enjoyed readying it ❤️

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