March faves! 

March has seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye, the good weather has really come out this month and i am making the most of it! I Love spring so much – all the flowers starting to blossom, leaves coming back on trees and the sun being in the sky for longer, everything just seems to get brighter. I have been so excited to share these with you guys, I’ll make sure to link the places to buy these at the bottom, so lets get started –


Nails inc blue nail polish 

I have been loving the brighter colours this march and there were SO many nail polishes i wanted to put in my march faves but unfortunately i had to pick just 1 favourite to show you. Nails inc is one of the best nail polish brands (after O.P.I, which is my absolute favourite ever!) i love how easy it is to put on, how super quickly it dries and that you don’t need to apply a second/third coat.The colour isn’t my favourite as i wish they did more pastel-y bright colours (for easter!) but i still love the way it looks on my nails. However… as far as i know you have to get it in a pack of 6, and although the other colours are really pretty as well, this increases the cost quite a lot.

nails inc

Satsuma body butter (body shop)

The body shop is one of my favourite shops EVER! I am obsessed with every single product they sell and all of they’re scents (i mean have you smelt the chocolate one?). This march i have been using the satsuma body butter non-stop, it makes my skin so super duper soft (like all body shop body butters) but it smells so fresh and amazing. I love using it in the morning as it wakes me up and keeps me smelling great all day. The only thing i would say is if you don’t like the smell of oranges then i wouldn’t buy it (as it’s very strong).

Rebelle Rihanna red

This perfume scent is most definitely my FAVOURITE smell ever! i am actually OBSESSED, its quite musky (which i love!), is very strong and has incredible staying power (it will honestly last ALL day). If your not into musky perfumes then the reb’l fleur is another amazing scent by rihanna only it’s got a sweeter scent.

Rose gold mirror phone case

you’ve probably noticed that the world has suddenly gone crazy over rose gold. i have jumped on that craze instantly and absolutely love rose gold – everything that i can possibly buy in rose gold, i do. So that is why i have about 100 hundred rose gold phone cases lying around the house. The only problem with the mirror phone case is that you can very easily get fingerprints all over it (and then it doesn’t look quite as cool) so you have to clean it often. There are so many rose gold phone cases on amazon and eBay for amazing prices (like £5!) and the one i link down below will just be ONE EXAMPLE of so many other offers on these sites for all different phone makes.

Cute notebooks

This march i have taken on the enormous task of becoming more organised (my phone even has a ‘productivity’ folder). As exams are coming up school pressures are huge and the amount of homework i am getting is unreal, this means that the time i get to do the other stuff in my life (ie. writing blogposts) has gone down and i need to be organised to make sure i can fit everything in. to do this i have been using a notebook to write things like reminders, blogpost ideas, revision tips, to do lists etc. And having a cute notebook just adds a teeny tiny bit of amusement to the whole thing. I love paper chase as it sells the CUTEST stationary and desk decor however if your on a budget it can be little pricey so the range is also a good option. I have a huge collection of notebooks (most with only a few pages filled out) but the one i have been using recently and am writing in constantly (the one in the picture) was £1 from the range.

Cadbury dairy milk marvellous creations

At first i was very tempted to put ‘chocolate’ but i think that is just my all time favourite thing EVER. this month i have had A LOT of chocolate (because of easter) in fact as i am writing this i am sat with my cadburys easter egg next to me, just munching away. However i have had a (quite unhealthy) obsession with cadburys marvellous creations chocolate bars, the amount i have eaten this month is slightly worrying! They’re just too good!

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed hearing what i loved this march – i definitely enjoyed writing it! What have your favourites been? i would love to hear them! don’t forget to comment, like and follow us!

Links –

Nails inc 

Satsuma body butter

Rebelle rihanna red

Rose gold phone case

Cute notebooks 

Marvellous creations


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