Best beauty tips!

Over the past few years i have heard quite a few beauty tips, lots of them are great – others, not so much.some of the tips i have heard from friends or other bloggers, some i have seen in magazines and some i have just discovered myself. So I thought i should put together a blogpost telling you guys all the best beauty tips that i have heard and use so that you can see what you find useful and maybe try some out for yourself!.

  1. Water is super important – i cannot stress enough how important water actually is, it has SO many benefits for your skin, hair and even your nails! you should aim to drink around two litres a day, this may sound a lot but it really isn’t when you spread it out through the day.
  2.  Always take makeup off before bed – this one seems obvious but it’s surprising how many people just don’t bother, its so easy to think ‘one night won’t hurt’ and just fall into bed and go to sleep. DON’T! just take 1 minute to remove your makeup, even if you are too tired to wash your face simply wipe off your makeup and moisturise, which leads me too my next tip…
  3. Always moisturise – Moisturising your skin is super important to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, especially if you wear foundation and other makeup on a daily basis as this can dry your skin out.And lets be honest it literally takes 5 seconds, so don’t be lazy!
  4. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night – I know it can be hard, especially when your not that tired and your phone just seems to be calling to you! But its best to keep the last hour or two before you close your eyes an ‘electronic free’ time, maybe read a book, listen to some music or do some gentle yoga, this way you should get to sleep quicker and you will wake up feeling and looking better!
  5. Roll your nail polish between the palms of your hands, don’t shake! – we all have those nail polishes that we haven’t used in ages and then when you want to use it the colour has separated from the liquid, shaking just doesn’t work. by rolling the nail polish between your palms you are loosening the colour but by shaking the nail polish you are just causing air bubbles, which is pretty useless.
  6. Exercise! – keeping healthy is mega important when it comes to beauty as it will release feel good endorphins which will educe stress, clear skin and give you an overall glow! Its also a really good way to keep you feeling great and energised!
  7.  Always eat breakfast. – I am one of the worst breakfast skippers there is, sometimes it just doesn’t seem like i have time to eat in the morning when I’m rushing to get out to school. recently I’ve made a HUGE effort to bake/buy some muesli bars or breakfast muffins that i can eat super quickly whilst walking to wherever i need to be. you can find loads of quick easy breakfast ideas on pinterest and youtube, and it always makes it more fun to eat when they’re cute!  Eating breakfast will keep you productive throughout the day and will actually stop you from eating unhealthy foods later on! This can benefit your skin and mood no end.

I hope these tips helped you, i have found them so so so useful in my daily life! make sure to share your best tips in the comments, and don’t forget to like and follow us!


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  1. Great tips! 🙂 I always fail when it comes to drinking a lot of water throughout the day x

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