What to take to a concert!

A couple of days ago me and Ellie went to 5sos concert (thanks to her because it was my Christmas present) and it was incredible! A few days before the actual concert i was trying to get myself prepared and organised on what to take, then i realised i had no idea what to take, i know first world problems right! This gave me the idea to do a blog post on what to bring to a concert if you have no idea what to take, now that I’ve rambled ALOT lets get to it…

1. Take a camera/ phone

Bringing a type of camera or a phone to capture parts of the concert is a great idea so you can look back on the videos and photos and reminisce, although make sure you don’t end up watching the concert through a screen which is what i ended up doing when i went to my first concert a few years back and it wasn’t nearly as much fun as the 5sos concert was because i actually just sang and danced the whole time.

2. Take money

Always remember to take money or even a little bit of money so if you want to buy food or a drink you can and you can also buy merchandise of the people/ person you are seeing.

3. Bring a hairband

It’s almost certain that you are going to get hot and sweaty during a concert because there is going to be thousands of people dancing around you and for longer haired people you will understand how horrible the feeling is of your hair just keeping unnecessary heat around your neck and it just getting all in your face, so bring a hairband and all those problems are solved (whoo!).

4. Take a backpack (if needed)

If you know you’re going to be taking more stuff that you can fit in your pockets take a backpack. If you will be buying stuff from the venue you are at like water or clothing etc it will be very useful to have a bag that you can just put all of the stuff in instead of having to carry everything. Also, i would recommend that if you are taking a bag take a backpack because it will be less heavy than a should bag because the weight is being distributed.


The most important thing you can bring to a concert is the actual tickets so you are able to get into the concert or else this whole list is completely useless, so remember the tickets!!!!

Thank you so much for reading and i hope this list was at least semi-useful to someone and comment any suggestions you would add. Also, don’t forget to check us out on twitter @Sarah_and_Ellie, bye xx



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