Tumblr inspired space buns!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, I’m sure you will have seen that there has been a massive craze with these ‘space’ buns that originated from girls who practically live on Tumblr and start most trends that we see on social media. So finally i gave in to the curiosity and looked up how to recreate the ever so popular hairstyle and I’m in love, its so easy and quick to do but it looks so effortlessly cute but edgy at the same time and it’s amazing for bad hair days ( which i get ALOT).

What you you will need:

  • 4 hair bands
  • Bobby pins
  • Dry shampoo (optional)


1.Start off with your normal hair, you can add products like dry shampoo, mousse or whatever you want. I would recomend using some dry shampoo if you have freshly washed hair because it will create grip and body for your hair.                                               ,IMG_5376

2. Then part your hair in a middle parting, you can choose whether to do this neatly or not and then tie up the two sections you’ve created into high pony tails.


3. Now that you have two cute pigtails, choose one and start twisting it into a spiral type thing with your finger in the direction to the back of your head, then start to wrap it around the base of your pony tail where the hair band is. Once you have created a doughnut looking blob on one side of your head tie around the second hair band to secure it place. Repeat on the other side.

4. You have space buns, woohoo! If you have any rouge pieces of hair not wanting to stay in place you can just bobby pin them where you want, but i would leave a few pieces of out of place because the messier it looks the better.

5. Viola, you can now walk around being Tumblr AF, joking (kinda) but there you go, really easy hairstyle that can change an entire look without much effort and you can literally do it with any outfit.


I hope you enjoyed reading this and learnt how to do space buns if you didn’t already know how. If you want to read about different ways to style space buns check out the link for the All things Hair article! Don’t forget to comment and follow us, also check us out on our other social medias, bye!

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