How to survive school

Lets start off by saying that i think school is the worst thing imaginable, and i hate that i am forced to go everyday but i know i have to, so i can be able to get somewhere in life. I’m in year 10 so i have one year to go (YES!) but thats still another whole year, so i thought i would share some tips with you on how to make school a little bit easier and how to basically be alive by the time you finish school.

Tip 1. Make friends 

Now i know this sounds exactly like what everyone says when your in school but it truly helps. If you hate school or even if you don’t it makes school a little more enjoyable to actually some people you like or just about tolerate, joking but I’m not saying you need to have 50 friends to like school but having a few good friends around you can ease the mind numbing school day.

Tip 2. Try hard

I know this is going to sound so boring but actually working and trying hard in school helps! I think that a lot of peoples theories are that if they try and make school enjoyable for them by messing around ALOT and just getting in trouble constantly they will just pull it all out of the bag during their exams and they’ll be fine. A lot of the time this is most definetly not the case. Messing around with your friends in lessons and stuff is completely fine if you also try and make an effort with work and actually taking in what you are being taught so you can pass all of your exams and leave school happy. Passing your exams will mean you won’t have to retake anything in college and you can leave secondary school completely behind

Tip 3. Don’t procrastinate

This is definetly something i do on a daily basis because I’m just plain lazy, but this can change! (hopefully) As boring and horrid as it is to do, get homework done when you get given it. Ive always been the type of person to leave the homework until the night before its due, which is probably not the best thing to do but i sill do it. To try and beat the terrible thing called procrastination you can make a homework schedule, kind’ve like a planner and stick to it.

Tip 4. Be kind

Being kind is is a very helpful trait to have in school because that way you don’t have to worry about making ‘enemies’ and having to deal with drama that literally feels like first world problems, when it’s not even though it can sometimes feel like it is because literally everyone can act like a drama queen at some point in their school life, anyway off topic. But just being generally nice and considerate to people can prevent a lot of stress you don’t need and it’s good to be kind to people.

Tip 5. Be you

Prepare for a cringe fest, but be you. This is definetly in my opinion the most important thing to do while in school because you need to stay true to yourself. Trying to act like someone who you aren’t to get into a certain friend group, to get people to like you or even just to fit in will make school 10x worse for yourself because you won’t feel like you can walk around as you. Make friends with people who will happily accept you for you with no boundaries will make going to school feel a lot more comfortable and hopefully happier.

Thank you for reading and i hope this helped you in surviving school, don’t forget to check us out on social media…Bye xx

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  1. girlenters says:

    Definitely agree that school is the worst thing ever, can’t wait to get out of there 😪 loved your post though, very inspiring xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We only have 1 year left, counting down the days! 😂 thanks xx


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