Tips for revision!

I know all too well how stressful exams are, whether its SATS, GSCEs, A levels or just an end of year test – everyone feels the pressure . For the past hour I have been scrolling through pinterest searching ‘How to revise’ and ‘How to get an A in science’, but have found absolutely nothing that actually helps. In four days i have three science GSCEs and, as science is not my strongest subject, am majorly stressed. So here is a few of the best tips i can give to you when it comes to revision!

1. Get rid of distractions! 

Trust me, procrastination is something i am EXTREMELY good at, Its just so easy to find more ‘important’ things to do then revise, like checking instagram, meeting friends, getting a costa (or dominoes!) or sometimes even going for a run seems a lot better then revision. You have to make sure you get rid of anything that could distract you – definitely keep your phone and laptop out of sight!

2. Revise somewhere appropriate. 

It can be very tempting to lie in your bed, get your laptop out and start doing some ‘revision’, i have done this sooo many times before and it has never worked – not even once. Within minutes i end up on youtube or netflix or blogspot. If you have your own ‘space’, somewhere that you only go to work/study/revise, somewhere quiet and without distractions then its a lot easier to get your work done.

3. don’t revise for hours on end

Too much revision will absolutely kill you. If i revise all day i get headaches, i don’t take anything in and I get more and more stressed. It’s so much better to do 20 minutes – 1/2 hour of solid work and then have a break (go for a walk, watch some TV, do some exercise etc.) and when you come back to the revision you will be fresh minded and take everything WAY better.

4.  Don’t just read pages and pages of notes

I could read though 50 pages of a biology revision guide and be none the wiser after I have finished, honestly it will go in one ear and out of the other. to actually take your revision notes in you need to be doing things other then just reading. This could be highlighting the important parts of the text, making notes, doing mind maps, past papers – there are so many different ways to revise and you just have to find the way that suits you best. For me listening to someone summarise key points whilst taking notes works really well, and (if i’m feeling super productive) i might condense those notes later. Once i have learnt all the topics i will complete past papers or questions to check i know everything.

5. Don’t pull all-nighters!

On average I have about eight or nine hours sleep a night (a little more on weekends), during the week go to bed around 11 and get up around 8. Trust me, the more sleep you get the better you will feel and learn.

Hope these tips helped, we would love to hear your best tips and make sure to comment and like!


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