How to make a Victoria sponge!

It’s fair to say that the Victoria sponge is the grandmother of all things delicious, and i can definetly say I’ve made quite a few in my long 14 years on this earth, because I’ve never been able to quite perfect it but i can say that I’m improving each time i make it because of a few tips and tricks I’ve learnt. So here’s how i make the classic Victoria sponge…

*Tip – Depending on the size of your cake tins weigh out however many eggs you want (i used 3 eggs for an 8 inch tin) and use the weight for the eggs your using as the amount of everything else, for example my 3 eggs weighed 200g so therefore i used 200g of flour, sugar and butter. Always only use around a tsp of baking powder and vanilla extract.

(Amounts depend on how much your eggs weigh but you can use my measurements if you want)

Ingredients you will need –

  •  200g of self raising flour
  • 200g of caster sugar
  • 200g of stork margarine
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp of baking powder
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • Strawberry jam – or proffered flavour
  • Icing sugar


Step 1 .

*Pre-heat your oven to 180°

Cream butter and sugar together for about 5 minutes using whatever you want, I’m using an electric whisk but you can use a kitchen aid, spoon etc. After about 10-15 seconds or when it looks like scrambled eggs get a small piece and put it on the rim of your mixing bowl. This helps you compare how much of a colour change there is because you need your butter and sugar mixed together until pale and fluffy. After about 5 minutes of using a whisk to mix them together i will use a spatular to make sure I’ve mixed it all.

Step 2. 

When the butter and sugar are creamed together add in your 3 eggs one at a time, i also like to add in table spoon of my flour after each egg I’ve mixed in to balance out the consistency of the batter.


Step 3. 

Once all 3 eggs are mixed in use a spatular to fold in the rest of the flour using figures of eights. This is to keep in as much air in the mixture so in the end the cake will be a lot more light and fluffy.



Step 4.

Add in you baking powder and vanilla extract and mix in.

Step 5.

Line and grease your cake tins i used 20cm/ 8 inch tins. You don’t have to line your cake tins but always grease them with butter before putting the cake mixture in. Once grease or lined pour the mixture into two tins.

Step 6. 

Put both cake tins into the oven for around 15-20 minutes.

Step 7.

Once the cakes are a light golden brown check the middle of the cake using a knife to see if mixture goes onto the knife, if so leave for another five minutes and keep checking if the knife is clean when it comes out of the cake take it out of the oven and leave to cool for around 30 minutes.


Step 8.

Finally time for jam and icing sugar! When the cakes are completely cool choose which one will be the bottom and start to put your choice of jam on the top of the cake that is going to be the bottom half of the Victoria sponge. Completely cover the top of the cake with jam and make sure to put jam up to the edges of the cake. When the jam is all done you can now put the other cake on top of the one with jam on, very confusing i know!  When the cake has been constructed put a dusting of icing sugar on the top to finish the masterpiece. Voilà the cake is finished it’s now time to tuck in and enjoy it!

Thank you for reading and i hope this recipe is useful to you , if you try this be sure to comment below or tweet us @Sarah_and_Ellie.  Enjoy the cake, bye!! xx



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  1. To The Moon And The Stars says:

    looks delicious 😀

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  2. Oh wow it looks so beautiful and yummy! ❤


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