10 Instagram pages you need to follow!

Unless you live under a rock on Mars you would’ve heard of Instagram and your most likely on it… if your not, you need to be! Anyways, lately i’ve had an obsession with Instagram so I’m going to share some of my favourite Instagram pages that i follow and think that everyone else should.

  1. course

The first page you need to follow is dedicated to pictures that can relate to everyone somehow through mostly humour but also beautiful things like art and things that will make anyones heart feel like a little fairy has sprinkled fairy dust on it. I would definitely say that it appeals to young adults/ teens, both girls and boys.

2. fashiiolovely

This page is things all to do with fashion, beauty and home interior! (it excites me to much!) I love just seeing this in my feed because its so aesthetically pleasing and the whole page is just inspiration for things from clothing to bedroom decor. I see it as a mood board for my future.

3. gracfvictory

The third page you need to follow is Grace’s, this is because she’s just incredible and she uses her following to create body positivity and just general positivity in anyone who feels like they don’t fit into societies set view on the ‘perfect’ person wether it be physically or mentally. She also has a youtube channel which is called Grace F Victory to help get her word across, she calls herself ‘the internets big sister’ which she really is.

4. teengirlsfeed

You need to follow this page because it hilarious! If you want to scroll through pictures upon pictures for hours and just laugh, this is the Instagram page for you. It mostly consists of humour but it also includes bits of beauty and fashion in there as well.

5. female.thoughts

Every girl will understand how true all of the statements are that this Instagram page posts and its so fun to read all of them because you realise that your not the only one! The username for this is perfect because all the posts are just females thoughts and perspective on things in a humorous way.

6. velvetgh0st

The 6th page you need to follow is Gabby Lindley aka velvetgh0st. You need to follow her because she posts amazing photos whether its of her, food, beauty or even her cat, Nellie who is so adorable! She also has a youtube channel called Gabriella that i love because she does amazing beauty and fashion videos.

7. mykie_

If you like SFX (basically special effect makeup) makeup or even normal makeup you will love mykie! She does glamours makeup but also does the complete opposite and creates gory looks using SFX makeup. Her Instagram page is just full of SFX makeup looks that she has done for her channel, Glam&Gore but she also posts glam makeup looks she’s done.

8. zoella

Probably most of you know who Zoella is aka Zoe Sugg because i mean who on the internet doesn’t! Zoe posts literally anything from pictures with her family and friends, her dog (who is soo fricken cute!), food and anything that happened in her day. I love scrolling through her Instagram because her photos and always incredible and its just like a little diary of her life in photo form.

9. alexstrohl

If your into photography then this will be heaven for you!! This photographer called Alex is insanely talented with a camera and takes incredible photos then shares them with the world through social media, including Instagram. If your going to check any of these pages definetly go check out his!

10. poppydeyes

Last but not least is Poppy Deyes, who takes amazing photos of things such as food for recipes she has done for her blog but uploads some of them to her Instagram. She also posts photos she has taken from her day. I love scrolling through her Instagram because its so beautiful and creative.

Thank you so much for reading this, i hoped you enjoyed this different type of post…

Lots of love, Sarah and Ellie xx


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  1. Yes! I am an Insta-holic! I am going to definitely check these accounts out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr, It’s just too addictive 😂😂


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