Go to spring fashion!

As it is now officially spring, this means all fashion trends are changing. The air is warmer and the sun actually may come out so we can start to wear outfits that don’t cover us from head to toe! So here’s a list of different clothing items to were for your spring outfits…

Oversized t-shirts

Oversized, distressed t-shirts are all the rage right now! Pairng it with some knew high boots and a cute jacket will make you look effortlessly badass.


Wearing heeled boots will make any spring outfit complete. You could go all out and wear the statement knee high boots, which lets your shoes do all the talking for your outfit. Or you could go with the more subtle heels that add a little colour to any spring outfit.


Denim has always been a classic fashion item. But in spring it can be so versatile, due to the weather being slightly warmer. Dressing up a plain outfit with a denim item such as a jacket or even dungarees would make your outfit look a lot more stylish, and give the illusion of putting more effort into your outfit.

Off the shoulder tops

As the days get warmer, wearing an off the shoulder top will be perfect to pair with some jeans. This is because it is such a simple look and but it looks so elegant and sophisticated. Put with a simple bag and some sunglasses, you’ll be able to take on spring!


Bralettes are so elegant and cute! They are perfect for spring because they can be worn just on their own as a top, or they can be layered with a t-shirt on top with the bralette peeking through.

Mom jeans 

Mom jeans have literally taken over the world and I’m not complaining! As it is still too cold to wear shorts right now, well in the UK anyway, mom jeans are the perfect go to item to wear. They can be dressed up with some heels and a cute shirt, or they can be worn casually with a crop top and even a denim jacket.

Oversized cardigan 

Oversized cardigans are amazing! Similar with the mom jeans, because spring still isn’t very warm cardigans can complete an outfit as well as keep you warm. These especially look cute in the evening when it gets a bit chillier while wearing some jean shorts and trainers.

Thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed reading and learnt a few tips along the way. What is your favourite thing to wear in spring? Don’t forget to like, comment and follow our blog!

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