Easter Beauty Inspiration!

I love easter. All the pastel colours come out, the sun comes out…. and there’s chocolate. LOTS OF CHOCOLATE. So, because spring/summer looks are my absolute favourite, i thought I would give some inspiration for, well, today! (I know this post is a bit late out… sorry!).


Obviously the pastel colours are EVERYTHING when it comes to fashion at easter. I’m loving the super cute throwback bright dresses and skirts, Its so pretty! But if (like me) you live somewhere a little bit colder then pastel jeans or leggings are so adorable and and make you looks summery and easter-y even though you might be all wrapped up like it’s winter!

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For me, more natural pinky toned makeup is so gorgeous for a sweet easter look. However, in effort of not being boring, I do love the orange/pinky bold eyes with a little glitter (who doesn’t love a little glitter?) as it really cute but not overpowering.

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Easter Hair

Oh My Goodness, I am obsessed with looking at spring/easter hairstyles and colours! Curls are are such a cute way of achieving that soft effortless but gorgeous look.  Also, the classic, a messy bun or a braid… although mine never end up looking quite the same as the pinterest ones. If you’re feeling bold then you could go all out and just dye your hair a different colour – pinks, purples and silvers are super fun and adorable!

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Hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some inspiration! If you want some more pictures/inspo you could check out our Pinterest at Sarah and Ellie talks

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What is your favourite look this easter?

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  1. nikapovsic says:

    Amazing post! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Happy Easter! ❤❤

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