Exam Stress?!

Everybody’s feeling stressed over school and exams right now, so trust me when I say I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling. Schools put so much pressure on teens to ‘do well’ and get those ‘top grades’ – It feels like it isn’t enough to just do your best anymore. Honestly, most of the time I feel like my ‘best’ – however good that is – will disappoint people. It always shocks me when I see people in my class burst into floods of tears because they got a ‘B’… WHAT? When did a ‘B’ become a bad grade? Why are we allowing a letter on a piece of paper tell us how smart we are? Surely there’s more to us then what we get in our exams.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… Whatever you get on that results sheet this summer doesn’t matter, not really. As cheesy as it sounds what DOES matter is the kind of person you are and, with determination and perserverence, you can do anything you want in your future – with or without great exam results.

I’m not saying that your exams aren’t important at all, because they are – just not as important and huge as you might feel they are right now. Just remember…


not even exams.

I think the trick is to keep everything in moderation and remember that this is just a small part of a whole life you have ahead of you and, one day, you’ll probably look back and realise you actually had nothing to worry about.

So, start enjoying the little things, revise in moderation and remember to have fun and keep time for YOU! In the end, YOU are more important then anything else.

Because, what’s the point in anything if you can’t be happy and enjoy it? 

If you need someone to talk to, or maybe just a friend you can email us at sarahandellietalks@gmail.com

Lots of Love Sarah and Ellie xox



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