May favourites!

Hey guys, it’s been so long! Sorry we haven’t been posting much recently, but we are currently halfway through our GCSE exams *insert crying*. But! We only have two weeks left until we our completely done, so get ready for so many new posts and other exciting things in the summer 😉

So i thought i would share with you the things i enjoyed and was obsessed with throughout the month of May!



Recently in England we just had a really hot heat wave which went up to 29˚! This may sound like nothing to some people, but to British people it basically felt like we were melting! So i was constantly using my new sunglasses any time i could! I got these in Primark when i went in for a quick look, then i saw these and had to get them, plus they were £2! BARGAIN!



I was just scrolling Amazon one night when i found this watch and i fell in love and knew i needed it in my life! Then i saw the price which was £2!! WHAT?! So i instantly brought it. It’s a black pleather wrist strap with a black face, but when you put it in the light you can see that it’s actually a bronzy coppery colour. I’ve been wearing it with simple outfits such as a top and dungarees, just to spice up the outfit.

Toni & Guy Damage and Repair hair mask


I have been obsessed with this hair mask recently so much! I’ve had this since christmas but i didn’t really use it because i always forget to actually use the hair masks u have. But recently my hair has been really frizzy due to the heat and humidity in the weather so i used this hair mask, and OMG! My hair was so silky and shiny after using this once, i actually couldn’t believe how good my hair felt after using this because with other hair masks i never really can’t tell the difference. But after using this I’m never going back!

Maybelline Brow drama



I’ve had this for quite a while but i never really liked it because i didn’t like the way it looked or felt on my eyebrows. But recently i started to try it out again and i finally realised how good this is! It sets your brows in place for the whole day and it just darkens and adds fluffyness to your brows. You can even just use this on your eyebrows if your in a rush and want to quickly shape you brows.

Sleek Makeup highlighter palete in Solstice


I’ve been recently been OBSESSED with highlight! And I brought this palette a few months ago, but i literally can’t stop when i put this on, all the colours are just so beautiful! If i want to feel extra glowy i will mix the bottom two shades, i then put it on the tops of my cheekbones, a dusting on the tip of my nose and on the inner corners of my eyes, and i literally feel like a glowing goddess.

Revolution ultra blush palete in Golden Sugar


I saw Ellie use the palette and she looked AMAZING, so i asked if i could quickly borrow it to finish my makeup and it was incredible! I knew i had to get it. All of the shades are so pretty, there 3 bronze colours i use for slight contouring, 3 of the most gorgeous blush shades i have ever seen and 2 highlighter shades. They are so soft to use and they blend out so smoothly.


I have always been obsessed with music but i recently just got Spotify premium and i am loving it! I have so many favourite songs right now but heres just a handful of them. I literally listen to music while doing anything such as right now, writing the blog post or even just doing nothing. It’s probably why my phone battery is so low all of the time!

My puppy!


My family got a puppy at the beginning of May and I’m in love! His name is Bailey, he is a cockerpoo (mix of cocker spaniel and poodle) and he’s around 12 weeks old. I have never had a dog before so this is all new to me but he’s just so perfect and cuddly, plus he gets on with my cats which makes it 10x better!

Thank you so much for reading! Tell us in the comments what has been something you’ve been obsessed with recently?

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  1. Bailey is so cute! 😍 Good luck on all your exams. 😀


    1. He’s so adorable! Thank you so much! Xx

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