My holiday in Greece!

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long, but me and Ellie have just been enjoying the start of our summer holidays. So i thought i would do another blog post following up my holiday blog post from last year, which i can’t actually believe was a year ago! It seems like only last week i was writing that. But on the 1st of July i went on my holiday to Paphos in Greece and it was incredible! Asides from being in the pool, on the beach and eating i didn’t do a lot and to was amazing!

The flight was around 4hrs and 30 minutes long, and it was actually quite fun because i listened to my music and read Everything, everything the entire plane ride which i massively recomend to anyone who enjoys a good romance book!


We arrived at around midnight in greek time, and we were told by the people working at the airport that it had been 43 bloody degrees during that day!! I think i would’ve been a baked potato if i was in that sort heat!


Then after the first day of just relaxing by the pool, we went down to the beach on the second day and it was beautiful. Me and my family swam in the sea for hours and just sunbathed because the weather was so nice and hot!


Then when we were sat down at the restaurant at the beach, we noticed there were two kittens on the other side of the building! Now if you know me, you would know how much i LOVE cats!! So obviously me and my brother went straight over to them and i cannot explain to you how cute they were!!!


A couple nights later we went down to the harbour to have an explore around the shops and just to have a walk while the sun was setting.


I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing a few of the things i got up to during my holiday in Greece. Make sure to give it a like and tell us in the comments what you guys are up to during this summer holidays. Bye!! xxx


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