July faves!

It is nearly august and July is nearly over – that means a july favourites favourites is in order! so without further ado heres the list of things we’ve been loving this month. we hope you enjoy reading this and make sure to tell us your July faves!

1. Pinterest

pinterest is a really fun, colourful way to get ready/ have fun in summer and there are soooo many yummy looking snacks on there! It gives you fun DIYs and outfit ideas, i have spent hours going through pinterest this July.

2. Topshop

This July Topshop has (not surprisingly) come out with an amazing summer range and right now they have a huge sale on! I always find that the clothes from topshop are really good quality and not overpriced (although they are on the expensive side).

3. jelly shoes

These shoes are definitely more “if you can pull them of, wear them” because you see some people wearing them and they somehow manage to make them look really cool but they are actually quite hard to rock! both of us have bought a pair for summer and whether we can pull them off or not they are comfy (comfort first!) and i think they look cool!

4. The vampire Diaries

i have officially fallen in love with Damon and Stephan Salvatore!i could go on and on about this Series so all I’m going to ask is – Damon or Stephan? and if you haven’t watched it then ???? what are you waiting for?

5. Zoella Scrubbing me softly Exfoliator

Everyone wants silky smooth summer legs! One of the best tips i have come across is to Exfoliate your legs before shaving – it makes shaving so much easier and your razors last WAY longer! It has a really summery scent (sooo nice!) and leaves your legs very smooth. it is also really good value and lasts quite a while.
Tip – Exfoliating helps you tan!

6. Playsuits

i have LOVED wearing playsuits this July, i feel they suit so many body types and they come in loads of different styles. They are so easy to pack or just slip on and can be dressed up or down. If your stuck on things to wear this holiday then you should definitely check out some playsuits.

7. Ted baker body Spray

i haven’t said any specific Ted Baker body spray because i have tried a few recently and i am obssessed with each one, i find that they have a long lasting scent and each one is very individual. i have had so many compliments while wearing Ted Baker spray and they aren’t over priced!
8. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss

This Lipgloss goes on so nicely and makes your lips look really big! it is a very good lipgloss to carry in your purse or take on holiday as it goes with everything and is so easy to apply.

That is it! we hope you enjoyed reading this and can agree with some of the things, see you next week!


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