Our Makeup Queens!

As you probably know by now, both me and Sarah LOVE all things beauty – especially makeup! So I thought I’d try something new and a little different and show you some of my favourite celeb beauty queens! I’ve also linked videos to help you get a look by each of these gorgeous girlies under their photos so make sure to have a go and tag us in your photos of the finished look on our twitter! Make sure to comment below and tell us who your makeup queen is!

1.Kylie Jenner!

Is this one too obvious? Kylie is definitely THE QUEEN of makeup, she is absolutely gorgeous and I am completely obsessed with her eye makeup especially (although all of her makeup is perfect). I had to add the ‘makeup-less’ selfie in at the bottom because she looks so beautiful in it – who knew she has freckles? If you want to learn how Kylie does her makeup you can watch this video to see her snapchat tutorial, I’m definitely trying it out after I’ve finished this post!

2.Selena Gomez!

Selena is the definition of perfection! Her makeup is always on point and she never fails to look stunning. She is queen of everything – she is so strong, gorgeous and her body is actually goals! She seems like such a genuine and lovely person. watch this video of Selena’s makeup artist doing Selena’s makeup to learn how to recreate some of her best makeup styles (she looks super gorgeous in the video without makeup too)!

3.Cara Delevingne!

Why can’t I pull of dark edgy makeup like Cara does? I’m officially jealous. I am obsessed with her makeup looks and those eyebrows! Why don’t my eyebrows look like that? Cara is so funny, super talented (have you heard her drumming and beatboxing) and, obviously absolutely gorgeous (probably why she’s a model…)!  To see a tutorial on Cara for a ‘natural look’ click here!

4.Gigi Hadid!

Gigi is SO super gorgeous has such natural beauty. Her makeup is always so perfect (and can we please have her boyfriend)? If you want to know how to make yourself look like Gigi you can watch this Gigi inspired makeup look by a celebrity makes artist (gotta say it’s pretty amazing)!


Did someone mention a goddess? Rihanna never fails to look completely stunning and put together – wether she’s on the red carpet or just popping to the shops her makeup is always on point! Want to know the best makeup and beauty tips by rihanna’s makeup artist? click here to watch the video!

Who is your beauty queen?

don’t forget to comment below to tell us! Also make sure to like and follow this blog xox


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  1. I always love what Selena Gomez does with her makeup!

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    1. She always looks so gorgeous! I’m soooo jealous 😂❤xx

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